Friday, July 1, 2011

stranded turns promotional

Sitting feet propped in a chair that isn't my own, looking out at the fellow patrons wondering about their life.  What brought them to the Wake Forest Coffee Company today? Pen across paper, a small laugh from the father and daughter in the corner and a young woman chatting quietly with her friend.  The door opens to a sun kissed woman in a flowing summer dress as she is greeted by the barista she pulls the glasses off her face to peer at the menu to decide what she wants to drink today.  While waiting for her drink to be prepared she gazes at the artist of the month's work hung on the wall.

All the while back with my feet up next to the wall, I think over the day and what is to come, slowly listed off my to do's and yet can't help but feel relaxed.  This is all in spite of the fact that my battery died and I am strained till I get a jump (so I can drive and get the battery replaced).  Catching up on everything internet related I work my way through Facebook and it made me decide to do something different.

I am putting in place a promotion For the first 5 people who get 25 people to like crinkle photography's facebook page you can get $75 towards the price of engagement or bridal shoot OR for the price of having a second shooter present at your wedding.    

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