Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guilty Oreos

I am super fugal.  My husband would call me TIGHT.  I prefer to think of myself as economically conscious... but the truth is I am stringent.  It comes with some benefits like how I went grocery shopping yesterday and got a bunch of stuff for $2.13, which is great for not breaking the bank.  It is great really... but it is terrible.  It is silly for me to get guilty for buying Oreos or buying underwear but I do.  I have enough to get buy, I don't need the Oreos.  But really, who doesn't want Oreos... ok, so there are some of YOU out there but you are the minority and that's how WE like the keep it ;P

In all seriousness, people tell me all the time, "I wish I were like that" "can you teach my wife that" "If only my husband was like you", I don't wish it upon anyone.  I get the benefit of having a great savings account, of paying for everything in up front (well almost) and all that but I sit there and thing I know these socks have a hole in them but it is just on the seam I can patch that...

Ironically, I love giving gifts!  It is so much fun to go out and think over what I can get someone.

My assignment for myself: buy Oreos.  For they are delicious and make me break my frugal ways slowly.

Oh!  And milk cause Oreos need milk... Or Ice cream... will have to ponder that.

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  1. Oh no! My Daddy is sort of like that. I do understand that having a nice bank account is good, but I also realize that I could die tomorrow. We make our moments happy. If that means getting pizza for supper one night, then we do : ) If that means getting a skirt and paying full price, well so be it. Life is too short to live in angst over money every single moment.