Thursday, June 9, 2011

Maui Jims: awesome!

Random:  I love my Maui Jims.  I am really REALLY tight when it comes to money so when my husband first talked about wanting to get us each some Maui Jims I thought, "Are you insane!  You can get sunglasses for 2 dollars that work just as well!"
But I caved, we got the glasses just before we got married.  They are different.  They do work better.  Maui Jim can tell you all the technical reasons why... I don't care.  I get headaches often and especially sun related but I don't get them when I wear my Maui Jims.

So yes, I am taking a full post to talk about my love of my sun glasses!

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  1. I'm a Native fan myself :) LOVE them! If you break them or run over them with your car, $30 get's you a new pair. Yes we have done that before. My hubby is on his third pair! All this to say... I too LOVE my sun glasses!