Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Silly, unacknowledged, and kind of creepy

I know it is silly but I get attached to characters on TV series.  I am not sure why.  I don't get attached to characters in movies.  I think the difference is that a TV series is a lot more invasive in your life.  In my mind, when I watched Friends they were my friends... unacknowledged and kind of creepy but still somehow a part of their life much like Gunther.  I am not a crier, really.  But when Friends ended I felt like people in my life died...  Yes, yes, you can all feel sad for me. ;P

What is even more weird about it is that I can only get attached when it is at least a halfway decent show with a good amount of character development.  So the really sad fact is that out side of friends for the most part all the shows I fall in love with end after their first season.  This is a real tragedy.  No, not for the actors who loose their livelihood but for me who looses these people I know.  Yes, yes, the world is about me?  This is all on my mind because I have recently discovered a great show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but going in I know that there is only one season.  Why then do I put myself through it... even if it is silly?  Because it is better to have known these characters and fall in love with the writing then to not know.

So this is my input for the day, silly as it may be.  I miss you, JD, Malcom Renolds, Chandler, Olive Snook, Eli Stone, Veronica (yes, I am a fan),  Joan, Georgia, The whole Bluth family, Veronica Palmer, Echo and many more!

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