Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Excited and sad as the end comes swiftly

Harry Potter count down continues...

So, my husband and I are huge fans of the HP book series and movies.  I know... so silly but I like to be silly at times.  I have already made scarfs for my husband, my sister and myself but I might now, in crunch time of only 2 weeks try to crank out 3 school robes... yes, we are dressing up for the premier at midnight.  I'm not sure you getting how much of die hard fans we are... I mean I painted my kitchen utensil holder to be the oak tree under which Dobby was buried... "Super geek, super geek she super geekie"  (to the tune of "super freak").

Point of all of this:  Tonight, we start the marathon.  Do to being... check that, acting like adults with jobs and what not we can't pull and all-night-er the night before because of work, we are doing it slowly through the 2 weeks leading up to the FINAL movie.

I'm kind of sad to see it come though.  I like being childish at times and dressing up and going to a midnight showing of ____.  After this movie there isn't anything that I know of coming out in which I will want to go to the midnight release.  Maybe it is because of my childhood desire to find Neverland and never grow up but I like to hold onto small things that make me feel silly.

Are there any movies that you have gone to the midnight showing?  Do you like silly?  Do you think I'm insane... 'cause that is legitimate. ;P

Up up and away!  Of to start my robes.

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