Friday, June 3, 2011

Not so great and powerful Oz?

This picture was not done by Crinkle Photography, it was taken by a family member at this particular wedding.  I use it because prior to seeing this I never thought about doing behind the scenes photos.  Not that I am anything special.  Not that you would want to see them.  I just hadn't thought of it before.

But for the short of it:  This is me (save for I have shorter hair now) on the left.  This lovely bride and groom are Aaron and Allison.  I go to location prior to any shoot or event and scout out the locations that I want to use.  This particular wedding had a small budgeted time after ceremony for pictures so I made sure to pick a few good locations that were close together (making the walking time minimal so I could maximize my shots).

My friends, who I have had the pleasure of shooting, tease me about the positions I will put myself in at times.  I am not afraid of getting on the ground or looking silly...  

I love making people at ease in front of the camera.  Allow them to be themselves, let loose and actually laugh!

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