Monday, June 6, 2011

Happy 60th Birthday Dad

Saturday was my dad's 60th birthday.  So we as a family decided it was a big enough number we had to cave and have a party ;p  So it was a luau theme.

As you can tell my dad has no issue getting into... well just about anything.  I love my dad.  He enabled me to no embarrassment level.  Too many stories to even begin to flush out that point.  But his wild and silly antics are one of the things that helped me be who I am today.  The humor I have, the way I relate to people and my willingness to make a fool of myself, it is all in part at least from my dad.

At this point some of you, who know me a little too well, are wishing I had a different father, at least if that was the cause!  But I like my silly antics.  Yes, I still enjoy climbing trees.  Yes, I will dance about for no apparent reason, and yes, no matter how crazy you think I am and even tell me so, if I feel like dancing I will continue.

So thank you dad for showing me over the last 20 odd years and showing others for your full 60 years how to be silly, slightly crazy and just being willing to make a fool of yourself for the sake of fun.  It is one thing I hope you, and now I ,never loose!

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