Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Playing Hookie and I'm good at it

Do you ever have those days where you just don't want to ____?

Well, today is that day for me... this week ;P

I am going to meet up with a friend and go to the pool.  Can't ask for much better on a lazy day and thus I don't. I say "why yes, yes I will abandon all that I need to do and hang with you at your pool" and if you get the opportunity you should too!

Tell me all about your latest lazy day!  Tell me all about what you plan for your next lazy day!

As I right this on my bed, I anxiously wait to put on my suit and get on my way but before I go I want to encourage you to at least take a lazy 5 minutes.  Enjoy the fact that it is June 7th 2011 and you won't ever have it again.  This is it.  Make the best of it.  This coming from the chick about to go to the pool... easy for me to say huh.

But really, some days I wake up and I am just in a bad mood, doesn't need a reason... just because is good enough for me at times but I am enjoying this idea that is not new but it was a new way of thinking for me recently:  There really is only one June 7th, July 10th or whatever... you can't ever get those minutes back!  Sad times but when I think about it that way I don't get upset as much cause my preference is not to remember those days as "bad days"... not that doesn't stop me all the time.  But for now take you 5 min hookie break (if your boss asks tell him to blame me ;P) and think about the good of today... if nothing else think about the not as bad as of today!

I hope you have a wonderful day and remember to tell me about your lazy days/moments!  

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