Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today, It's a fantastic, wonderful, amazing... well, day

Today is a great.

Not only because it is another day to live. Not only is it because it is the only June 16, 2011.  Not only because I am married to my best friend... literally.  Not only because I is summer and the pools are open.  Not only because I got to have  a lovely evening with friends last night. Not only because I am choosing to be completely positive (not the norm... more of a realist... I take things for how they are).

NO, Today is great even without those and any other reason of which you can not think.

Today is great because my second dad (dad-in-law) is home safe.  He arrived last night (late my time) safely back into the loving and waiting arms of his dear wife.

Today is great because he is a brave man, who is a loving husband and caring father who serves this country so that I have the freedom to write this post, and he is home.

Today is great because it brings us a day closer to being able to see him and spend time with him and his lovely wife.

Today is great.

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