Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Exposure challenge

So, I recently decided to make myself a challenge:  I want to take as little pictures as possible.  Sounds strange I know but this is what I mean.  Often it is practice with digital photography to just snap away but I want to use the mindset of film photography while using digital equipment.  So I have made a challenge between myself and my husband (Chris) to try and make each shot perfect (as humanly possible), each shot count.  

I have desired to hone my skills in this area for a while but I have been delving deep into educating myself further on photography.  New equipment, thinking outside the box, challenging myself not to do just the same poses as before but completely rethinking each time.  And I came across a video of a couple of different well known photographers, one of which was of course Jasmine Star, who were talking about knowing your exposure settings so that in any given light you already know at least a starting place.  I am already pretty comfortable with knowing my settings for lighting but it was a challenge to both not get comfortable, to try new settings, to make sure that I pick up my camera each day... it is harder than you would think.  It is so easy to get distracted by the day to day.  But when I do pick up my camera, when I do take the moment to play around... such joy.  There are few things that I have as deep of a passion for as capturing the beauty of life... taking the moment the groom whispers something in the bride's ear and it cause her to sheik with laughter... that moment, that exact moment... it won't happen again, and I captured it for them to have with them always.  That.  That I love.



  1. What a beautiful picture Rachel! I love it!

  2. What a great idea! There's nothing like the mindset of shooting film, so why not turn off the lcd and pretend. Maybe I'll try it one day when I'm feeling lucky ;)

  3. Thanks! It is my husband... and he is handsome, so it isn't really fair: can't get a bad picture. At least to me.

    You should try it! It has been fun.