Friday, June 24, 2011

If I were as funny as Conan

For my personal photos I have a face identifier program.  Meaning that it identifies each face, you label them as (Jane, John or whomever) and you then can pull them up via that name, seeing all photos of that person.  I really like the program for my own personal use but identifying them is time consuming (I have somewhere round 3000 photos unidentified).  Occasional I sit down for a few minutes to take care of a little... 1 hour later I can't stop. I mean I have been doing it for this long it has to be done soon!  How many faces can there really be?  But much like Bejeweled when it first came out (and for some still)... you just can't stop.  Why?

I can cook.  I can bake.  I can make sauces like no other.  But I can't make pancakes.  I try and try and they always come out funny looking.  They taste fine but they don't have that perfect rounded puffy smooth top you are looking for (you all know what I am talking about that wonderfully rounded and smooth top that IS pancakes... ).  Mine look like I fried them or something... they get the weird bubbled thing... I don't know.  I mean they taste fine but they do not look like what I know pancakes to look like.  Why?

I enjoy social media, obviously.  I use Facebook, Twitter, and obviously Blogger (I used to have  a Myspace though I think I got on it 4 times) but I don't get the "status" people put up at times.  Did we really need to know that you threw up because you were SO wasted?  Did I really need to know that your colon is clean... on your status?  Do you really need to voice your depressed "the world is horrible" Eeyore moments... common I mean at least try and make them witty or literary references?  Don't get me wrong my status is never a tweet from Conan (the ginger), but why am I inclined to think that everyone wants to know that I love Coke Icees and ironically don't like coke?   (I wish I were the Conan's and Tina Fey's of the world who genuinely think funny things and only post hilarious thoughts.)

I live life one movie quote at a time.  My husband and I really like movies and all art really but movies are our past time,  with that we tend towards quoting.  So much so that when we actually genuinely say something funny we have to stop and think, "where is that from?"

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