Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I have it all together... yea...

I have been reading a lot of photography books recently.  No matter how much I learn I feel like there is SO much more to learn.  Often I feel like I have to put out this front of having it all together.  We are told that in order to have people believe us we need to have it all... we need to be confident.

I am confident.  I can take great photos... but I don't always believe that.  Like everyone I have those days of doubt.  Those days of wondering: what have I done.   Will this actually take off?  Am I good enough?  These questions role around my head on "Those days"... why must there be "those days"?

On those days, for better or worse, I delve deep into the work of others, in tips and ideas of how to improve what I love to do.  Some days I just feel silly... and others I get encouraged  but anything is better than just sulking on one of "those days" 

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