Monday, June 13, 2011

My day at the beach

With a yawn and a stretch, I pull myself away from the comfort of my ample couch.  1:15am time to leave.  In the car I go off to meet up with our other friends brave enough to take this adventure...

5 people pile into our Yaris... way more spacious then it seems.  Cooler, bags of snacks, blanket and you name it shoved to compasity in our hatchback.  In the hump middle I sqirm trying to find a comfortable position for the trip ahead but with no luck.  Lean her and there... legs asleep... till finally we arrive: 4:30ish am.

Out come the blankets time for a nap for those who want it... others sat chatting in the still and quiet that is 4:30am.

Up with the sun and watching the beauty while we stretch our legs with some Frisbee.

The sun cracks over the horizon and through the clouds... Some of us whip out our cameras to capture this moment.

While others just relax enjoying the start of a lovely day at the beach
I have never seen so many birds feeding at once as I did that morning... but then again I am not often out at the beach at that time... 

7:20 time for second breakfast!

As the day wore on we walked up and down the beach, wondered in and out of the ocean, ate and ate and ate or so it seemed but then again we where there for so many hours.  It was a lovely day and a great adventure... I look forward to doing it again!

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