Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Do you ever have one of those days when you think: I am SO married.  I did yesterday.  I mean I know I am married but I mean how over the top cliche "married" I am.

We are getting a new roof and they started on the work.  They being Rescue Roofing, would highly recommend them and specifically the man we worked with John Kemp.   They work with your insurance company to get your roof replaced and paid for by your insurance because of things like hail damage and wind damage (they work with "no fault" natural events so your premiums don't go up).

All that to say nothing...

We are getting a new roof... I am positively giddy about it!  I am more excited about this than a free bag of clothes... then a brand new handbag.  This smushed my face in how much I am "married".  It got me thinking about the things that make you "married"

You know you're married when

1. You choose to walk around Home Depot for a date... YOU choose
       Never thought that one would happen but alas I do enjoy it... I look at all the things I won't ever buy and think things between: "Really??" and "Wow, I want to have my faucet turn red when the water is hot! So useful?"

2. All your friends start being couples
         Chris and I actually refer to our married friends in abbreviations (Kelly and Regis become K and R) because when we invite more than one couple over it is too hard to say who all is coming.

3.  You sit around your house and try to think of ways for it to be a "home"... What does that even mean?
         I don't know what this "home" feeling I am trying to get... it makes no sense to me. Why then do I try and achieve it: Please tell me!

4.  Going out is hassle not something you look forward to
        I am a people person but when Chris mentions the idea of going out all I have are lists of why having a date at home is so much better... "we can.... eat?"

5. You have conversations about chores.
      Who knew this would happen?  You saw your mom getting on your back about getting chores done but surely that's just because she was weird.  We barter over chores... "I'll do the dishes if you put them away"

6.  You think about shaving but decide "Meh".
      There are some days I think I should shave I get in the shower and then all the sudden the leg hairs aren't as long as I first thought... are they?  Really?

7.  Your dates consist of sitting on the couch...
          Legitimately... Couch, Date I wanted to introduce each other because from now to eternity you will be stuck together

8.  Candles are "For guest only"
      Dinner is on the table and that's it... No candles lit on our date... No, cause that'd be a waste?

9.  A conversation ending with one of you a toilet is regular
        We will have a conversation and not even thinking I will just follow Chris into the bathroom... he is no longer phased

10. You sit down together and pull out the schedules
      "I can do Thurs.  How does that look for you?"  "Oooo, no Thurs won't do... how bout Tuesday?"  "I can do 8:30"  When did planning a date start sounding like a board meeting?

11.  You roll over and the gust of wind that hits you in the face isn't the fan.

(I stop on 11 in honor of my sister and her deep love of the number 11)

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