Thursday, September 15, 2011

My eyes, said with exclamation...

When I saw "Night photography" I wasn't sure what I would do.  I knew portraits were out unless you like the black mass look.  I sat on my porch, yes I am that southern... I guess?, and looked around for inspiration when it hit me, because my nephew told me.

It is amazing how life changes so quickly.  Just a little over a week ago my nephew (17) moved in with us, it is a long story but he is here and we like it.  But it is so strange, though he is of the age it is almost like just having another adult in the house, I can't help but feel like I got thrown into being a teen mom.  I don't mean it in the "now how do a get a date for prom" way but in the "how did I end up with a 17 yr old kid".  He is very helpful and actually likes us and wants to spend time with us but he is still 17, which is great because he IS 17. You get what I mean or if you don't... Oh, well ;P

Round about tagent that has nothing to do with this save for the inspiration for the shot...

 Original : 


Picsa is at it once again: I pulled out the shadows a bit, faded out the color a smidgen (yes, I did just say smidgen) and pulled out some "Cool" tones (my husband would be proud, just now when I wrote that I though "tunes"... he should have been a teacher).


  1. Like the pictures. I could use some lessons in photography for sure! I couldn't imagine having our 17 nephew stay with us. I know nothing about relating to a teenager, let alone raising one! But my days are numbered!!

  2. Your edit is really subtle - nicely done.

  3. What a cool photo. Great edit.

  4. I love the lights and the grass in the background--very nice! Nice job on the edit, too!