Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Wild enough for me

Tuesdays... for me it is a day that I never know what to expect.  It is like a wild card but not really cause it is just a Tuesday. ;P  Like this morning:
 my 17 year old nephew is staying with us right now but because of the transition doesn't have his license for this state.  My alarm didn't go off, it was 7:22 and I usually have him at the school (15 min away) by 7:30....yea...

On to the edit...



Though the composition of the first shot was enjoyable it was a bit bright for my taste.  I pulled down the light,  cooled off the color a bit and faded the edges to make her be the focus.


  1. So lovely - almost made me call my hubby and shout that I want a third child..! :-)

  2. nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby! :) great shot.

  3. Just the perfect amount of editing - she looks so peaceful there.

  4. Did you make it in time? I love the shot. Very, very sweet!

  5. I love the shot! Thanks for explaining what you did to adjust it and why (it's so helpful for a newbie like me!).
    Stopping by from Sweet Shot Tuesday.

  6. A beautiful soft, gentle shot that makes me question why is it that I'm so sure I'm done having children. Love the white from both the clothes in your shot - makes it so crisp as well as pure & innocent.

  7. Oh what a perfect shot. Loved them both!

  8. Thanks for all the compliments!

    Tiffany if you check out my "editing challenge" posts you can see all of my previous post with tips!

    Yes! By a tips of my fingernails we got there 4 minutes before his classes started. I was shocked by the amount of parents/droper-off-ers that pulled in as I was pulling out.