Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Yet again it is a wordless Wednesday...

I leave you with a ream of behind the scenes photos of Chris and I at work.  
More often then not choosing a photographer is yes, swayed by price and skill  (to be sure) but seeing as the sea of talent photographers is about as wide as the Atlantic it is greatly based in personality... or at least that is a key factor in my choice. ;P  
For when you choose a photographer you are bringing in a complete stranger in on your day... whether it is simply for family portraits, family birthday or a wedding.  This all to say that at this particular wedding we were not treated as such.  This group, this family of people (not all actually related) was more than just kind to us by the end I felt kindred to the bride and some how apart of the family.  It was my pleasure and joy to shoot this wedding.  

...Ok, so not so wordless.

and then, she {snapped}

Paper Heart Photo

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