Monday, September 19, 2011

Time passes by.

Today is an exciting day for a lot of reasons, but most importantly because I deem it to be one!  Today I have the exciting but pretty much guaranteeing-ly frustrating task of dress shopping with my dear and darling sister. Exciting for obvious reasons, frustrating because with all bride's before her the process is long, usually filled with tears (by someone in the group), more dresses then you could ever possible own and all of which won't be "the dress"... it is a long process but I'll spoil the ending for you: "Happily Ever After" or how I would have you believe (Insert evil laugh if you so desire, otherwise just a snarky "HAha" will do).

Down to the Bus-ni-ous of today Scavenging my rewound Monday!

1. Street Photography

2. From a Distance

3. Sunday

4. Liquid

5. Behind

Photography love...


  1. Love all your shots. I think that first one is my favorite. Hope you sister finds the "right dress" without too much frustration.

  2. I love your Sunday shot. Such a simple photo, yet with the angle you took, it looks like a photo from a magazine. Nice.

    Oh and just fyi, I found my wedding dress on the first try. So maybe it won't be such an arduous task :-)

  3. Lovely set. Have a fun time dress shopping.

  4. Beautiful- love the wedding shot- I just get sucked right in

  5. These are quite lovely - I especially like your behind shot!

  6. I love that Sunday shot. A book and a big cup of something, and quiet...sigh.