Thursday, September 1, 2011

With a wish...

Texture Thursday!

The Daily Wyatt

Things I know...

- I love Italian food. Doesn't seem to matter what type, I love them all!
-I want to swim at least 2 more times before the pools close, the only part of summer I really like!
-Conan is amazing to follow on twitter
-Playing dress-up is even more awesome when you fit in the clothes
-Drinking tea is way better than pretending to drink tea... even underwater
-No matter how many times I watch Friends two things happen: 1. I laugh 2. I wish I had a group of friends that were like that, don't get me wrong I have lovely friends but not a group that get together and are all close
-Every morning I was up thinking: today I will be funny... this never happens
-In my mind I am a world class dancer, singer, actor, musician, cook, artist... and then I wake up
-My sister and my sister-in-law are engaged!
-I often have too many things that I want to do, but that's everybody

What are things you know?


  1. I love Friends. I have awesome friends too but how great would it be to have a bunch of friends like that :)

  2. Ooh, must check out Conan on Twitter. I'm intrigued now!
    Have to say, Friends makes me feel exactly the same!! You're not alone there. ;)

  3. I never got into friends until my girls were teenagers. Does anyone really have friends like that, I wonder?

  4. I love Friends more now than when it was one tv the first time. i also wake up thinking today I will be funny - how funny is that?

  5. Could you imagine having friends like Friends. I'd probably get fired from work, because I'd stop showing up because I'd be to busy jabbering on and drinking coffee. ...and I know I'm tired, but I can't turn the computer off (the story of my life...right now!)

  6. Yep I often have way too many things I want to do too!

  7. I know... I hope, oh I hope that there really are people with friends like Friends. It is such a lovely dream!

  8. In my mind I'm an awesome singer. The bellowing along to the radio in the car makes it so.

    Thanks for joining in

  9. Friends the show always makes me laugh and I'd hate to think how many times I have seen it.