Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My heart in words

Do you ever see something that gives you hope?  I mean lifts your spirits on an otherwise sad day?  I moment of elation.

I sit here on the other side of cyberspace (yea, I pulled that word out), hands gently resting across keys releasing my truth.  Most days I sit here I and wonder "what in the world am I doing?".  It has been two years of hard work and effort to get where I am today in my business... and where is that?  No much in the realm of making money and being a full time gig.  In the name of making a difference on people's lives, enjoying life and meeting people we are sitting pretty good.  I was shocked my first steps into the blogging world.  Everyone was helpful, nice and encouraging.  When I first started in photography I looked around and asked some questions of a couple of photographers I knew of and got verbal elbows back.  I would see their status updates mocking other photographers.  I felt nervous and scared to share that I was even starting to venture out, "What will they say about me?"  From that to this world of comradeship is amazing.  Coming across photographers who are more than willing to "give back" to those of us begging for advice.  To see the encouragement that is this world of photography online: I am amazed.  Just in this last year I have been allowed to learn so much from reading other people's life stories, mistakes and tutorials given out so freely and openly.

Today is yet another edition of what is so great about the blogging community and online sharing between photographers.  Katelyn James, an amazing photographer out of Richmond, VA, is doing a give away: one spot to an amazing workshop where she takes time to give tips and thoughts on the world of photography.  A workshop that is personal just like her.  A workshop that I would die to go to but much like a lot of us it is difficult to drop the cash, when you don't have it, even if you know it is going to be amazing and such a help.

So this is my entry for a chance to win a day of encouragement, lessons, tips and community.  My chance to win getting to meet photographers in person who are willing to share their knowledge and care for each other.  My chance to take what I know and build from there and hopefully give it on to others just like me.  My chance to sit here most days hands typing away my hopes and dreams as I make them come true.

Thank you for the opportunity to place myself out there.  Thank you for this generous opportunity to learn from you.


  1. Rachel you're so incredibly SWEET. Thank you for being so honest and open about the struggles you've faced as you've entered this crazy industry! You're not alone my friend! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to win! Like I said it is very generous.