Friday, February 24, 2012


My pounding feet can be heard all over the house as I pout my way around in the morning.  Chris gently and absentmindedly says, "What's the matter honey?" as he eats his cereal.  Throwing my head back in disgust I respond, "It seems I have to check the weather everyday to figure out whether to wear shorts or under armor!"

It's official, I'm pouting.  NC weather is always crazy but I think it has gone bi-polar within a 3 day period it went from being 37 degrees (the high) to 79 degrees... I'm just saying that is insane!

I went from wearing a sweater with a jacket to sweating in a Tshirt... and I'll state right now I prefer the sweater to the sweating.

So I say BOO NC weather.

Under the advice of Sunshine on uppers Chris we are going to look on the brighter side:

Positives of wacky weather:

No fashion overlap since you get to use two seasons worth of close in one week
I won't have to start mowing the yard because it keeps occasionally freezing
Pretty sure the pollen count should be down since a lot of plants keep dying by frost
I can have a fire one night and cook out the next

I think that last one might be my favorite.  Do you have any more that I can add to my list?

The wind blows but it is nothing but a fresh breath on a resting face.
Cold earth grabs the warmth 
Moments pass bring further ache to old bones
A resting heart beats its last

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  1. I love the grass coming up from the snow. Really gives hope of spring.

    1. Too true, is it sad that I don't wish winter away... I love winter!

  2. We've had some bizarre weather here in the UK. snow and ice one week, beautiful spring like weather the next. Great pictures.

    1. I'm glad to know that it isn't just here in NC. I got a great idea: we can switch areas for a bit and enjoy each other's crazy weather!

  3. Replies
    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who calls anything green growing on the ground grass... my husband calls them weeds or undesirables

  4. I agree I love the grass popping out the snow!

    Thanks so much much for sharing,

    1. Thanks so much for having a place to share!

  5. It's been pretty crazy here too. It's been hard on the animals. I just keep hoping we'll settle into a more normal weather pattern soon.

  6. Yes, here in SC it's been a bit bi-polar as well. :) It seems to be a trend across the country this year. Hang in there! Love the sock pic! Thanks for sharing your pics for the Poetic Winter Challenge! And hang in up there!

  7. More likly less bugs once the weather does get warmer.